Sikem Foundation For Development  Kumbo Bui Division North West Region Cameroon
Volunteers needed for assistance in Computer training, welding and agricultureformation .

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  The Association IS called  Sikem Foundation For Development Kumbo , abbreviated as  SIFFOD


Theobjectives of the association

I.      Promotion of multimedia activities among youths including Photography.

II.    Education of theyouths in  information Technology and Computer maintainance, 

III.   Facilitate creation and management of active  youth  groups while instilling the spirit ofcreativity,  and entrepreneurship.

IV.    Strengthen the capacity of existing and new youth groups to promote socioeconomic progress

V.      To encourage the vulnerable youths  to be self sustainable

VI.    To identify and assist the less privileged youths in our community invarious ways.


3. Area of Jurisdiction Sikem Foundation activitiesshall cover the whole national territory.

Headquarters: Its head office is at MBVE – Kumbo town.


Functional: Address and its postal address is

P.O Box 27Kumbo,

North West Region, Republic of Cameroon,

Mobile No +23775153003